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Official Website of Actor JACK STEHLIN


If you didn't already know it, you may have guessed that Jack is my husband. He's a great guy, if I do say so myself.  

You may also know Jack  from his SAG Award nominated role as DEA Captain Roy Till on Showtime's Weeds, or from one of his many guest-starring roles on countless hit TV series such as NCIS-Los Angeles, Dark Blue, Without a Trace, Monk, NCIS., ER, NYPD Blue, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, JAG and The Practice. 


If you're a fan of the theatre, perhaps you've seen him on the stages in Los Angeles, New York, regionally and abroad. A graduate of the acclaimed Juilliard School, Jack has been entertaining audiences in both modern plays and the classics, comedy and drama -  garnering awards and critical acclaim. Jack also serves as founding artistic director of The New American Theatre.


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The New American Theatre


World Class Theatre and Professional Acting Studio


The New American Theatre is where I've called home for the past (cough cough) years. NAT produces plays, has a professional acting company and provides a professional acting studio . Besides winning all kinds of awards, NAT really cares about actors and artists.   


The weekly acting Studios apply to all aspects of acting. Most of the people involved work steadily on stage, film and TV. 


All NAT company members participate in a weekly Studio. The Studios are inspired by the teachings of Stanislavsky. The Studios are not limited to the actor's work in the theatre.They also seek to interpret the actor's challenge on film and in television.


Check out the website to see what's playing.


Want to audition? The company usually hold auditions (by appointment only) on Saturdays after 1pm.


The New American Theatre is the subject of new documentary called Without A Net.. 




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