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This was fun to shoot. My second time around being a victim in a horror movie. And no, this time I was not running in woods and I did not trip over a log!

Directed by Keely Martin and Ginger Port

Mini Reel

QR Dog Tags


QR Dog Tags

The Blue Dog Tavern and Dog Tags for your dog. 

This commercial features three very talented young actresses!

Trailer: Without A Net Documentary

Without A Net


Trailer of documentary film about



Featuring me,  Jack Stehlin, Alfred Molina and more

For Fun

Morning Ritual

Best friends Fluffy Cutie Snowball and Cocoa Ginger Cinnamon play.


Commercial: Ford Motor Company

Cute Commercial shot in Chicago.

I traded in my Roller Blades for a new set of wheels!

Short Film (as producer)

Game 7

Game 7 is a short film written by Matthew Tucker
directed by Jack Stehlin
with Scott Sheldon and John Rosse Clark

Feature Film: Watch It

 (blast from the past)

Watch It

Written and directed by Tom Flynn
Scene with actors Jon Tenney and Peter Gallagher

March of Dimes

My first PSA. Don't do drugs whilst pregnant!
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